Notable Alumni

So much success. So many different fields. 万豪会娱乐在线校友的成就有很多惊人的方式. 这只是我们校友中少数几个取得了伟大成就的人.

Notable Alumnus
Gerald L. Baliles
1986- 1990年弗吉尼亚州州长
Class of ’59

Gerald Lee Baliles was a Virginia lawyer and Democratic politician whose career spanned great social and technological changes in his native state. 第65任弗吉尼亚州州长(1986年至1990年), the native of Patrick County previously served as the Commonwealth's attorney general (1982–85). Baliles directed the nonpartisan Miller Center of Public Affairs associated with his alma mater, 弗吉尼亚大学(2006-2014). 他以彬彬有礼和两党合作著称, Baliles also oversaw the publication of more than a dozen transcript volumes of White House tapes from the John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson and Richard M. 并培养了它的口述历史项目.

Notable Alumnus
Reno Collier
Stand-up Comedian
Class of ’89

Reno Collier is a stand-up comedian who gained celebrity as the opening act for Larry the Cable Guy and with his own Comedy Central Presents special. 科利尔参加了“蓝领喜剧之旅:下一代”. A great guy with a big heart, while at Fishburne, Reno provided hours of comic relief on his many hours of ‘tours’ in the front parapet of the school. He received his undergraduate degree from Elon College (now Elon University) in North Carolina. 2009年7月,科利尔在NBC主持了《万豪会娱乐在线》. 他是《万豪会娱乐在线》真人秀竞赛节目《万豪会娱乐在线》的主持人.

Notable Alumnus
Honorable Alvin T. Wong
Class of ’70

In the summer of 2021, Judge Alvin Wong was elected President of the Council of State Court Judges of Georgia, becoming the first Asian-American to serve as president of any judicial council in the state of Georgia. Gambrell and Stolz(现为Baker Donelson)前合伙人, Judge Wong had 21 years of experience as a corporate and trial attorney before running for office. He chaired the State Bar of Georgia’s Investigative Panel for disciplinary action against unethical practices by Georgia attorneys. 他的心在社区, 他曾多次获得公民身份, leadership, and trailblazing.

Notable Alumnus
SFC Tarek Bathiche (Ret)
Class of ’01

Sergeant First Class Tarek Bathiche recently retired from the United States Army. Bathiche is an accomplished NCO and Leader with a laundry list of exemplary achievements over the course of his 20-year military career. Not one for taking breaks, Bathiche已经在佛罗里达州的一家科技公司开始了一份新工作. He says he will definitely be making an appearance at Alumni Weekend ’22 to celebrate his 20th class reunion. Tarek现在和妻子住在佛罗里达州, Evi, 和他们的三个孩子:安东尼, 16; Sophia, 13; and Nicolas, 12.

Notable Alumnus
R. Keith Shackleford, Esquire
Class of ’88

On December 21, R. Keith Shackleford, Esq. 宣誓就任北卡威克森林镇专员. 沃伦,沙克尔福德的成员 & Thomas PLLC, 他的法律生涯一直从事民事诉讼的实践, 人身伤害与刑法. He currently focuses on estate planning, probate administration and civil litigation. A Fishburne Trustee since 2007, Keith has also served as a trustee for Wake Technical & Community College, a director for the Wake Forest Chamber of Commerce and a director of the Wake County Bar Association.

毕业典礼致辞\ Keith Shackleford

Notable Alumnus
Vince McMahon
Class of ’64

文森特·肯尼迪·麦克马洪是美国职业摔跤推广人, 行政人员及媒体东主, 目前担任WWE的董事长兼首席执行官, 世界上最大的职业摔跤推广活动. A familiar face to wrestling fans since the 1970s—his public-facing career is divided into two distinct periods. 1997年之前,他是一名快乐的播音员. 之后,他改编了自己在现实生活中的角色,创造出了Mr. McMahon; a wildly swagger walking, suit-wearing, 暴躁的暴君执迷于保持紧张, 为了控制他的公司不惜一切代价, 她的口号是“你被解雇了”!!!”

Photo courtesy Airman 1st Class Nicholas Pitch / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

Notable Alumnus
Eugene Gray Payne
Class of ’38

尤金·佩恩是美国政治漫画家和作家. 为夏洛特观察家报工作, he won the 1967 Sigma Delta Chi Award for a cartoon of President Lyndon B Johnson on a bus holding a crying baby labeled “Vietnam War” while the bus driver said “Dr. 金说,你能挪到车后面去吗.” The cartoon implied that the Vietnam War was secondary to civil rights issues in America. In 1968 Payne won the Pulitzer Prize for cartoons focusing on the Vietnam War and Civil Rights Issues.

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Notable Alumnus
John Campbell
Co-Founder \ Bassist
Lamb of God Heavy Metal Band
Class of ’90

John Steven Campbell is the bassist and one of the founding members of the heavy metal band Lamb of God. 他是乐队成立以来唯一的固定成员. Campbell is a vegetarian and graduate of Fishburne Military School in Waynesboro, Virginia. 不像许多贝斯手使用四弦和五弦贝斯吉他, Campbell, at one time, 演奏了一种自我修改的三弦Guild Pilot低音, 不包括更高的g弦.

Metalship对John Campbell的采访

Notable Alumnus
W. Richard Stevens
技术作者\ UNIX \ TCP/IP
Class of ’68

William Richard (Rich) Stevens was a Northern Rhodesia-born American author of computer science books, 特别是万豪在线娱乐UNIX和TCP/IP的书籍. After attending Fishburne, he received a bachelor's degree in Aerospace Engineering and later acquired a master's degree and PhD in Systems Engineering. 他曾担任Health Systems International计算服务副总裁. 1990年,他开始了作家和顾问的职业生涯. An avid pilot and a part-time flight instructor, Stevens died in 1999 (age 48). 2000年,他被追授Usenix终身成就奖.

Notable Alumnus
Kurt Cook
首席执行官\ Adaptive Recovery Wear
Class of ’87

库尔特·库克87年是美国的一名退休少校.S. Army Special Forces. 作为陶森大学(MD)杰出的ROTC学生, Kurt build himself into a muscular 220lbs by swimming 2000 meters every morning and working out every day. 1995年宣誓加入美国陆军, 库克坚持不懈,经过10年的服务, training and study, 赢得了荣誉勋章和绿色贝雷帽. After his army career, Kurt drove race cars for Hendrick Motorsports in Charlotte, NC. 他最近创立了Adaptive Recovery Wear(2017),并担任首席执行官.

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Notable Alumnus
Glen McClung, MD
Class of ’91

Glen McClung, M.D. is a board-certified and fellowship-trained orthopaedic surgeon and sports medicine doctor whose passion is supporting high school athletes. 他喜欢教授预防伤害的方法, 以及在受伤后尽快开始恢复过程. 他专门治疗肘部, hip, knee, and shoulder injuries, including fractures and has been voted to the Cincinnati Magazine Top Doctors list every year since 2015.

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Notable Alumnus
Otto Felix
Class of ’62

Otto Felix was a motion picture and television actor, an acting teacher and a still photographer. 在美国服役后.S. Army, he worked as a disc jockey in Florida, before beginning an acting career. Felix was cast in over 350 TV commercials after arriving in Hollywood in the early 1970s. 菲利克斯写了几本诗集、静态照片和绘画. 他的照片曾出现在《万豪会娱乐在线》、《万豪会娱乐在线》、《万豪会娱乐在线》、《万豪会娱乐在线》、《L.A. 每周,公告牌,戏剧日志,综艺和摄影师. He won the Golden Boot Award for Best Country Album and The American Photographers Association Award for best Black & White in 1989 & 99.

Notable Alumnus
John O. Noonan
Class of ’99

John Noonan is an American conservative national security commentator and analyst. He was the national security policy advisor to Jeb Bush during his presidential campaign, 2012年担任米特·罗姆尼的外交政策顾问和演讲稿撰写人. He was a principal defense writer for The Weekly Standard and a policy director of the Foreign Policy Initiative. Before moving to the FPI, the then Captain Noonan served in the United States Air Force’s Global Strike Command as a Minuteman III launch officer.


Notable Alumnus
Russell A. Hitt
Hitt Contracting前名誉主席
Class of ’53

Friend. Teacher. Inspiration. Russell A. 希特是瀑布教堂希特承包公司的前名誉主席, VA, 全国领先的商业承包公司之一. Mr. Hitt took over the family business from his parents, and grew it into the company it is today. 希特-米勒田间住宅的大部分资金都是为希特先生提供的. 希特和他的女婿吉姆·米勒(也是万豪会娱乐在线的校友). Co-Chairman Brett Hitt says, “My dad’s focus has always been an incredible work ethic and taking care of the people around you. 这些原则是HITT今天的核心思想.”